Date Events
1953 Gina Lollabrigida opened The Moka espresso bar at 29 Frith St.
1955 Ray Hunter and Paul Lincoln bought the coffee shop from two brothers called Irani
22/04/1956 The 2 Is Coffee Bar opened its doors
14/07/1956 The Vipers stumbled into the 2is during the Soho Fair parade
Summer 1956 The Vipers Skiffle Group took a residency there
27/09/1956 Tommy Steele was spotted there by his soon-to-be Manager John Kennedy singing Rock’n’roll numbers with The Vipers
9/11/1956 Paul Lincoln opened The New 2I’s Club at 44 Gerrard St with The Vipers
1957-1958 The Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group were the new resident band before the arrival of Rock’n’Roll, followed by The Cotton Pickers and The East Siders
31/03/1957 Paul Lincoln organised his all-teenage package show at Romford Odeon, launching his new discovery Rocker Terry Dene
01/06/1957 2is Rock across the Channel’ ferry trip, organised by Paul Lincoln & Rik Gunnell: with Terry Dene & Colin Hicks
23/06/1957 2is Rock across the Channel’ ferry trip, organised by Sam & Fred Irani: with Chas McDevitt, Rory Blackwell
16/11/1957 “6.5. Special” TV Show live from the 2is
Spring 1958 Cliff Richard & the Drifters became the new attraction at the 2i’s
Late 1958-1960 Vince Taylor & the Playboys were the main act for two years before moving to France
06/06/1959 Rory Blackwell sets a new non-stop drumming record of 28 hours at the 2is
Summer 1960 2is Road show starring Vince Taylor & the Playboys, Screaming Lord Sutch and Keith Kelly
1967 The Two Eyes closed its doors
18/09/2006 a Green Plaque was unveiled at its site

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